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Public Safety – Juan is committed to ensuring our police and fire departments are well-supported and equipped to keep our City safe. He believes in strengthening programs that build positive relationships between law enforcement and the community.

Infrastructure – Juan will prioritize our immediate infrastructure needs to address flood mitigation and sea level rise.  He will advocate for and support capital improvement projects, while collaborating with regional, state and federal authorities to protect our flood prone areas.  

Budget – As a public servant, Juan understands the importance of responsible financial stewardship. His budget priorities will address short-term needs and benefit the long-term financial health of our City.

Historic Gas Plant Redevelopment – Throughout his career, Juan has witnessed firsthand the positive economic impact that stadiums can bring to a city. The Historic Gas Plant Redevelopment project will create jobs, stimulate local businesses, generate significant taxable revenue, and provide opportunities for equitable economic growth for the betterment of our city.

Quality of Life - Juan is committed to safeguarding our beautiful waterfront parks by ensuring they remain pristine for generations to come. He will work diligently to balance our city’s rapid growth and development by preserving our community's identity and charm.

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